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UK Retail Sales Surge - Strongest in Ten Years

Trend Summary: UK retail sales have recorded their strongest growth in a decade and remain on course for continuing expansion.

The UK government's Office for National Statistics [ONS] reports that retail sales volumes rose 1.6% between April and June this year compared with the preceding January-March quarter.  According to the ONS this is the strongest calendar quarter in the past decade. However, sales rose in the May-June period by a meagre ...


...  0.1% and by 3.6% compared with June 2013.

This is slightly weaker than the increases of 0.3% and 3.9% forecasts by economists in a Reuters poll.

Second-quarter sales were boosted by a 1.0% month-on-month jump in April, which more than offset a fall in May.

Comparing the second quarter with the same period last year, sales were up 4.5%, the strongest calendar quarter since the end of 2004, the ONS said.

Helped by low levels of inflation, Britain's consumers have been the main driver of the nation's economic recovery which began last year- despite an unexpected  inflationary surge last month which eased the pressure on their spending power.

Wage growth, meantime, remains very weak.

Prices in stores were flat last month, the first time they have not fallen since January.

According to an ONS official, an annual 2.0% increase in prices for the textiles, clothing and footwear sector was unusual given that retailers normally cut prices during the midsummer period.

Retail sales account for just under 6% of British gross domestic product.

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British Retail Consortium Promotes 'Pop-Up Shops'

Trend Summary: The rising popularity in the UK of "pop-up shops" has inspired the British Retail Consortium and mobile network operator EE to back new pop-up retailers.

Recent research has revealed that so called "pop-up shops" contribute £2.1bn annually to the UK economy. Moreover, the sector is predicted to grow by 8.4% over the next twelve months. In the light of which, proponents of the retail phenomenom believe that if the many barriers to pop-up retailing (finding appropriate flexible space, obstructive business rates and rents, lack of flexible short term contracts, and lack of access to technology) were reduced, then ...


... double digit growth could be achieved.

Says Richard Lim, head of business information at the British Retail Consortium: “We’re only at the beginning of the pop-up revolution”.

Added Mr Lim: “The novel use of temporary spaces showcases the innovative nature of UK retail which continues to adapt to consumer demands and structural changes occurring throughout the industry.”

To support retailers, the BRC and telecom giant EE have jointly launched a campaign spearheaded by Ross Baily, ceo of specialist property agents Appear Here. The campaign aims to remove the barriers that currently are deterring pop-ups.

The campaign includes a ‘How to start a pop-up shop guide’ which contains advice from pop-up entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, EE has created a 4G Pop-Up bundle designed for pop-up retailers. The bundle provides pop-ups with an instant 4G connection for thirty days and can include other products such as the iZettle payment card reader.

There will also be mentoring from EE, BRC and Appear Here to support people who want to establish a pop-up shop.

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