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Today’s Marketing Trends 25/11/2015

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Marketers Demand Independent Measurement of Digital Media

Trend Summary: A survey of major US advertisers reveals that an overwhelming majority believe digital media owners’ inventory should be measured by a third party.

A recent survey conducted by America's Association of National Advertisers [ANA] found that a massive majority of its membership want digital media owners’ inventory to be measured by an independent third party. The need for such verification was underscored by an overwhelming ...


... 97% of survey respondents.

These repsondents say they're not confident that their digital working media meets industry viewability standards. Moreover and perhaps more significantly, 61% of responding ANA members said they would shift their spending elsewhere if digital media owners did not provide independent measurement.

What riles these ANA members is the fact that some large media owners don't allow third-party measurement vendors to report viewable ad impressions to their clients.

Instead, they use internally derived metrics that haven't been independently verified.

Says ANA president/ceo Bob Liodice: “During a time of intense scrutiny on transparency and accountability, it’s vitally important that all digital media owners measure viewability by an independent third party, consistent with industry standards. That’s just ‘table stakes’ for digital advertising”.

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Smartphone Ownership Predicted to Soar in Globe's Top Digital Markets

Trend Summary: Two thirds of people living in the world's top digital markets will own a smartphone by 2018.

According to the New Media Forecasts report from ZenithOptimedia, published today, 66.5% of individuals in key digital markets worldwide will have a smartphone by the end of 2018. In forty-seven leading countries smartphone penetration rose from 41.6% in 2013 to 49.5% in 2014 while ...


... penetration will reach 55.7% this year.

This fourth edition of ZenithOptimedia’s annual New Media Forecasts report provides snapshots of the current state of digital marketing in forty-seven countries, covering topics such as internet access, media consumption and online behaviour, and forecasts the rise of internet connections and smartphone and tablet technology.

The Asia Pacific and Western European nations lead smartphone and tablet adoption, while smartphone adoption is highest in the Asia Pacific and Western European regions.

Zenith expects these regions to maintain their lead for the next few years. Of the forty-seven markets studied, Singapore has the highest level of smartphone penetration, with 89.0% at the end of 2014. Zenith expects this will leap to 97.0% by 2018 as the government pushes ahead with its plan for universal Wi-Fi access.

Spain and Ireland follow close behind, with 86.7% and 83.0% penetration in 2014 respectively.

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