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EU Moves to Head Off US-Asian Digital Dominance

Trend Summary: The European Union is to back a new alliance of EU industry, aiming to spur innovation into connected devices.

Speaking earlier this week at a tech conference in Brussels, the European Commission’s digital economy commissioner Gunther Oettinger vowed to get its traditional hardware industry online before the likes of Google and Apple build their own automated cars and connect the world’s objects to the internet with their proprietary software. Flinging down the gauntlet Mr Oettinger said ...


... “The EU will become a digital world player as we successfully did in aerospace and automotive technologies.”

He also emphasised that Europe’s future industrial competitiveness will largely depend on its.capacity to develop high-quality software.

The aim, he said, is to create a single digital market to make it easier for local technology businesses to grow, whilst making it more difficult for foreign internet companies to overshadow their EU counterparts.

Oettinger also announced the imminent launch of a new EU-backed alliance, intended to spur innovation into connected devices. The alliance includes such major European industrial names as Phillips, Bosch, Orange, Alcatel, Nokia, Siemens,Telefonica and Volvo.

Posits Mr Oettinger: "Bringing European industry online ultimately has to benefit European citizens and European labour markets”.

“Europe has world-class expertise in building complex systems such as cars, trains, planes plus highly complex machinery and sophisticated software. We see new businesses that didn’t exist a few years ago and are now world leaders in their sector, and they are getting a grip on an ever-wider section of economic activity.”

Oettinger warned that if Europe doesn't become tech-proactive, products and services that address society’s new challenges will come from other parts of the world, primarily the USA and and South Korea.

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Marketers Increase Focus on Automated Media Buying

Trend Summary: A growing number of senior marketing executives admit to being inundated by technology.

Chief Marketing Officers [CMOs] within multinational public companies increasingly fear they are being overwhelmed by technology, as media silos crumble and data integrates to support marketing and advertising across different devices and channels. According to Blake Cahill, global head of digital and social marketing at Philips, who manages more than seventy marketing technologies ...


... "In the customer relationship management sector alone, we have three or four major pieces of technology, and then underneath another three or four to manage the customer data," Cahill told MediaPost's Laurie Sullivan.

"In the social space, we have about seven or eight pieces of technology to help with social listening, publishing, and analytics."

According to information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, the average business-to-consumer ad campaign depends on more than fifty applications and technologies to support marketing.

Gartner also predicts that by 2018, CIOs [Chief Information Officers] who build strong relationships with their marketing colleagues will drive a 25% improvement in return on marketing technology investment.

Philips, a Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam which operates in fifty-seven nations, acknowledges that the challenge will be to do more with less given that the number of technologies supported by its marketers continues to grow.

Philips intends to use each piece of technology in all the fifty-seven world markets in which it does business.

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