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UK AdTech Firm Launches AI-Powered S-to-S Header Bidding in USA

Trend Summary:  Ad-Tech Firm launches AI-Powered Server-to-Server Header Bidding technology to the USA.

UK-based artificial intelligence [AI]-based native in-feed advertising platform, has launched Adyoulike a new server-to-server [S2S] header bidding solution in the USA, its point of differentiation being that it ...

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... incorporates IBM Watson's AI-powered semantic targeting.  

The new tool aims to ensure that native ads are placed in contextually relevant places online.

Using IBM's  predictive data visualisation & analytics tool Watson, Adyoulike is capable of scanning millions of pages of content (50 million new pages per month.

According to Adulike's Francis Turner, recently appointed as the firm's general manager and chief revenue officer for the USA: “What Watson garners from these pages goes far beyond what is possible with just keyword and/or data targeting".

For example, instead of targeting specific words such as “lipstick,” Watson enables Adyoulike to include more complex semantics and sentiments such as “this page is talking positively about on-trend lipsticks for summer, plus emotions such as anger, disgust, fear, joy, or sadness.”

Adulike can also target publisher websites matching the Interactive Advertising Bureau category.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2017]

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Source: MediaPost.com
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