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Online-Style Shopper Tracking Set to Take Off Instore

Trend Summary: Online-style shopper tracking is about to be extended to bricks and mortar stores.

A major disadvantage experienced by traditional offline retailers is that they can't easily track and analyse how people move through their stores. More often than not they don't know when shoppers put something in their cart  then ...

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... takes it out, abandons the cart or checks out competitive prices at the shelf via their smartphones.

Zebra Technologies, a public company based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, is about out to change all that by installing sensor grids in stores that combine video with tracking of mobile device signals and radio frequency ID tags on products and packages.

To date two major mass retailers, who Zebra declines to name, have been testing the technology, which Zebra will unveil at the National Retail Federation's "Big" Show" next week in New York.

According to Thomas Bianculli, chief technology officer at Zebra: "There's a big, meaty problem in brick-and-mortar retail about getting real-time information in the store about the customer experience".

"At a brick-and-mortar store they've got, at best, 60% inventory accuracy. They really have no idea if someone has walked out of their store frustrated because they had something in their basket but couldn't find something related. Or maybe they comparison shopped and then walked out of the store."

Over time, analysing the sensor data may help retailers recognise what kind of product displays or in-store marketing work best at generating sales.The possibilities, however, depend on what retailers and third-party firms develop.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2017]

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Source: AdAge.com
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