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TV Still Surviving Despite Online Challenge

Trend Summary: A new study of US local media reveals that 20% of advertisers responding to the survey intend to increase their TV ad budgets despite the relentless rise of digital media.

The report, conducted by Virginia-based Borrell Associates, which focuses on localised avertising media, surveyed 7,228 US businesses in the first and second quarters of 2015. Despite the rise and rise of digital media, the study reveals that 20% of the survey sample intend to increase their TV usage versus just 10% in the same period in 2010. Moreover, nearly the same percentage plan to ...


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... add to their cable TV budgets this year.

Despite which, digital campaigns still dominate the marketing strategies of these small and medium-sized businesses, with nearly 60% saying they intend to  increase media budgets in 2015 versus only 50% in 2010.

Mobile media will enjoy the greatest increase - leaping from near zero in 2010, with 50% of survey respondents claiming they will spend more in 2015.

Some 55% of these businesses already use online media, with the expectation that 80% will do likewise by the end of 2015.

Despite this apparent surge in confidence, Borrell says that its survey of the tax records of two million companies since 2004, suggests that overall "advertising is in decline". The report also reveals that "advertising as a percentage of gross revenues has declined from 1.19% in the 2004/2012 period to just 1.05% in Q2 2015.

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Source: MediaPost.com
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